You can't see the unseen.

On my speaking tour last week, I spoke about the power of inner strength. This is not an easy topic to learn, because, it takes a high level of self-awareness to make change happen. Every day, I was asked by someone in my audience, "Why is it so hard for us — to see what it is we're doing — that keeps us stuck?"

My reply was always the same. I said, "I believe there are two good reasons." (There are other possibilities, but I like these two.)

#1 For some people, their past experiences wrap around them — like tight tendrils — and it puts a stranglehold around their sense of who they are.

#2 People keep doing (what they're doing) to avoid the uncomfortableness of not doing it.

The bottom line: The thing you least want to look at — and change — is the very thing you can't (or don't want) to see.

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