I'm lovin' it McDonald's.

Sometime back, I went to McDonald’s for lunch. I always order a Happy Meal. (It’s a smaller portion and really cheap.) This one time, when I ordered my Happy Meal, I was asked, “Do you want a boy meal or girl meal?” I said, “Oh, definitely a boy meal!” For many McDonald’s lunch visits after that — when I would order lunch — I would simply say, “One boy meal please.” Every time I said that, every McDonald employee would look at me weird and ask, “What the heck is that?” I would clarify, “It’s a Happy Meal.”

Yesterday, I was speaking at a conference in Las Vegas at one of the big hotels. My conference room was upstairs, and a food court was downstairs. When lunch time rolled around, I decide to hit the food court.

I go down the escalator, pass by tons of restaurants and shops, then head for the McDonald’s. I walk up to the counter, and say, “One Happy Meal.”

The McDonald’s guy rings me up, stops, then says, “Boy meal or girl meal?” I just grinned, and replied, “Boy, please.”

I’m lovin’ it!

Life Is Fabulous!