Handing out love notes.

I hate to write about the obvious, but, thought I'd give it a go anyway. Valentine's Day is approaching. Everywhere I go, I see soft stuffed hearts, heart-shaped candy, and lovely, red Hallmark cards.

For some, not getting something red and heart shaped — because you're single, can feel awful on Valentine's Day. (Nearly half of American adults over 18 are single).

(If you are happily single, that's awesome. I know that — not everyone who is single — is unhappy.)

But, if you do find yourself down and blue this Valentine's Day, may I suggest something? Go out and buy those boxed, pre-made fun Valentine note cards. The ones that kids give out at school — on Valentine's Day. (You can buy them at places like Target and Rite Aid).

Give those out — randomly — this Valentine's Day. You can give them to people on the train ride to work, give one to the sandwich guy/gal when you pick up your take out lunch, or give one to the person seated at the table next to you at the espresso bar.

And when you hand them out, say (with a warm, sexy smile), "Happy Valentine's Day!" They will feel it, and, know you mean it.

If you're shy, and couldn't imagine yourself talking to people you don't know, just leave the card with your tip at the restaurant. Maybe hand one to the gal who makes your cafe latte.

Three great things will come out of you doing this: 1) It will blow your mind how cool it is to totally blow someone else's mind by doing something unexpected.

2) You will discover that you have so much love to give. In other words, you could probably do that all day and never run out of the love feeling. (Remember, what you give you get.)

3) If you are single, it only takes one person to see what a wonderfully beautiful human being you are and ask you out on a date.

So, go get your Valentine's day cards, and, show the love!

Life Is Fabulous!