Careful what you think.

Everything you could possibly need is everywhere. Just look around. Look outer, and look inner. (Sorry for that weird expression. I can't think how else to put it.) Feel the abundance that surrounds you — now. Not when you lose 10 pounds. Not when you get more money. Not when you accomplish a certain goal. Not when you meet someone special. Now. Right now. In the present.

And, when you are 'present', feel grateful for what you — now — have.

See, gratefulness informs the universe that, "Hey, she/he is grateful. Let's give him/her even more of what they're grateful for."

The bottom line: What you feel you — now — have (and are grateful for), the universe gives you more of.

Unfortunately, the flip side is true, too. If your — now — is filled with negative, disempowering, or stressful thoughts, the universe is focused on that, too.

The universe matches what you give it.

Life Is Fabulous!