Tips for trainers.

This post is for trainers, speakers, authors, and coaches. I got a new iPad Mini. Since I name all my stuff, his name is Patrick. I thought it might help if I share with you what I put together.

If you travel and give PowerPoint presentations, the iPad is for you. You’ll need a couple of things to make things happen, though. I purchased a VGA adapter. Also, a Smart Cover. Got both at Best Buy for about $85.

Then, I picked some apps. (My app explanations are edited). Dropbox: Holds large files. SlideShark: To view/share your presentation on your device. CloudOn: Allows you to edit your stuff — like you’re in Microsoft Office.

That’s it. Nice, right? Of course, you’ll need your projector with a couple of sweet, mini speakers to blast Pandora.

Oh. One more thing. When you go through security at the airport, your iPad stays nice and warm in your luggage. Love that!

Now. Go out there and shine. Life Is Fabulous!