Not fully aware.

Today is my third day of cleaning out files in my home office. This is a humongous project. I’m talking IRS stuff, receipts, banking stuff, personal stuff, and business stuff. My goal? Get everything decluttered. And, this is no small project. We’re talking — literally — hundreds of sheets of paper to be either shredded or recycled. This morning — an hour into going through more work files — I decide to get myself a cup of coffee from the kitchen. I get the coffee, and walk back into my office. Since I don’t want to put the coffee cup down on my nice desk, I decide to make a homemade coaster with a piece of paper.

I reach down — into this huge box. It’s filled with over 500 sheets of unwanted paperwork that I will be shredding (they’re all facing down). I randomly grab one sheet. Before I fold it in fourths, I glance at it first. It’s a receipt for video production work I had done a couple of years ago.

As I read the name on the receipt, I get instantly emotional. Up comes the past; thoughts and feelings, good and bad, associated with the name on that one piece of paper. I’m thinking, “Really? I can’t believe that just happened!”

Why am I telling you this story? Because. It ties in nicely with my teachings of the power of stuff. See. Not only do you need to deal with physical stuff, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual stuff, as well.

Don’t get me wrong. Having stuff (and clutter) isn’t bad. But, just because you can’t see the stuff, doesn’t mean your subconscious doesn’t know it’s there. (Trust me. It knows.)

So. Let me ask you. Do you think I used that emotional piece of paper for my coffee cup coaster? Nope. I didn’t. I grabbed another sheet.

Life Is Fabulous!