No need to control it.

A couple of weeks ago, me and another trainer did a speaking tour through California. On the last day of the tour, all the attendees were invited to meet back in the large conference room at the end of the day. Once gathered, they were asked — what one thing have they learned — that will help them the most. This one gal immediately raised her hand. When I nodded at her, she recited, "State of non-acceptance makes you stuck." I stopped for a second then said, "Oh, I absolutely love that. Who said that?" She replied, "You did." She looked shocked I didn't know I said that. See. That sometimes happens when people are in the 'Flow'. The flow means — you think and do things — in alignment with your life's purpose. Actually. It's a simultaneous state of being AND a state of doing. And, it happens when you are open and connected to what has true meaning to you. So, yes. That day, at that moment in time, I was moved to say what was meant to be said. And, the best part? The very person who was meant to hear my message, heard it. We were in the FLOW. What an amazing thing. Life Is Fabulous!