Finally got my name.

This post is for people/companies who have a website. I launched my first website in 2007. I named my company Aspire Seminars, and bought that URL. A couple years later, I added Life Is Fabulous, and bought that URL. Since my name, Sandra Smith, is so common, that URL was never available.

About a month ago, I received a spam email that read, “I own If you want it, I can sell it to you.” I learned that it was about to go to auction. (The original owner let registration lapse, and the spam email was a third party wanting to make a buck.)

I did some research, and decided to register an account at After three days of bidding, I won! (I haven't pointed my new URL, so there's nothing there yet.)

So. Why am I telling you this? Well, maybe you’ve got a URL you’d love to own. Look into it. But beware. This whole process is really strangely complicated. Timing matters, too. Also, not everyone is happy with, so check out their competitors. (I had good luck with them, but, I’m not personally endorsing them.)

I feel like I’ve given you enough information to get you going in the right direction. If you hit a wall, contact me. I’ll help you if I can.

Embarrassing note: For three days after I won the URL, I flitted around bragging about my win. Every person just looked at me like I was goofy.

Now. Go out there and shine.

Life Is Fabulous!