A close encounter.

Last evening — around dusk — I was jogging on my favorite trail. After about 30 minutes, I realized that it was just me out there. Then, all of a sudden, I hear a guy — yelling — to the top of his lungs, “GOODDDD”. He yelled out, again, “GOODDD”. Now, I’m kind of concerned. I either have to continue running toward him, or turn around. I continued toward him. A third time, he yells out, “GOODDD”. As I get closer, I get a good look at him. His face is red from screaming. His arms are stretched out to his sides. His hands are clenched — making two fists.

By now, I’m within arms distance from him. He stops yelling. We’re just standing there, looking at each other. I ask him, “Are you yelling for God?” He nodded, yes. When I asked him why, he replied, “I’m hurting. I need God.”

Not knowing exactly what to say to him, I told him what I believed to be true. I said, “I’m going to walk away now. And, when I do, why don’t you walk over to that flat grass area, sit down, and, close your eyes. There you will find God. God is within you.”

I took off, and started jogging again. When I got about 30 feet away, I looked back. He was sitting on the grass; hands folded. It looked like he was praying. And, trust me. I said a little prayer, too.

Life Is Fabulous!