Two eggs over easy.

Even though I'm back from my speaking tour, it seems that I cannot get something off my mind. I keep thinking about this woman -- who was my server -- at a restaurant I ate at. She was completely fried. She was so thin; so frazzled looking. Her energy was depleted. When she took my breakfast order, I asked how she was doing. Her reply, "Not good, but thanks for asking." Come to find out, life has been bombarding her with one setback after another. But the kicker? Christmas. This time of year is really tuff for her. Why am I telling you about the server? Because. You, too, might be struggling. You, too, might find the holidays particularly difficult. If you do, know this. Love surrounds you. It comes from everywhere. Every person you pass loves you. What you can't see, loves you. And. I love you. Love gets you through everything. Life Is Fabulous!