Giddy up.

Montana is awesome. Just came back from a week of speaking engagements. What I heard about Montana before going was that the people are really nice and they got cowboys. So, I thought, "I'd like to meet me a cowboy." So. On Wednesday, me and my co-trainer are in our rental car driving from Bozeman to Billings. We're going about 48 mph on Highway 90 (it's snowing). When I look out my car window, I see this big, huge white pick up truck. It's pulling a horse trailer full of horses. The driver? A handsome cowboy. I notice that his pick up truck and our car are driving side by side for about two miles. I start giggling and tell my colleague, "Oh my gosh, that cowboy is totally flirting with me! He keeps trying to tell me something!" She replies, "Sandra, let me take a look at him." She looks over, starts laughing, and says, "Sandra. He's not flirting with you. He's trying to tell you that the hood on our car is unlatched!" Life Is Fabulous!