Get your walking shoes on.

Fast walking makes me think. (My term for slow jog.) I like to fast walk on a bike trail near my house. And, even though it's really beautiful there, I don't see any of it. Why? Because I'm deep in thought. At least until I hear, "On your left!" That is an announcement from an experienced bicyclist. He's letting me know he is coming up (fast) behind me -- on my left. Now, I'm totally present. I'm fully aware of my surroundings. I pay close attention. I stay to my right. Why am I telling you this? Because. You are on your path. You get deep in thought. And, that's where I come in. I'm like the bicyclist. I send out announcements to help you become aware. They show up in my blog and Facebook (or book and DVD). So, just know, that I am always here for you. "On your left!" Life Is Fabulous!