The universe works its magic.

Yesterday, you were promised a story about what happened to one airplane mechanic during my training class. It's a bit of a long post, but, here it is. To start, for five days, a bus delivered mechanics from Hill AFB to the Marriott hotel. Then, the mechanics split into three groups. Each group worked with one of three trainers. During my Thursday training day, a mechanic named "Tom" was in my room. When I asked them, "What's frustrating at work?" Tom replied, "I have an engineering degree, but can't seem to move up, because I don't have a mentor. I'm totally stuck where I'm at, and I am so frustrated." A few minutes later, we all took a break. Seated close to Tom was a guy name Earl. He's not from Hill. He was attending my training as an observer. Earl is going for his MBA and will be working with the Air Force as part of his graduation requirements. Since Earl and Tom were seated close to one another, they got to talking. Earl offered to mentor Tom. Just what Tom needs to get going on his career. But, get this. Tom was suppose to be on the Wednesday bus -- not the Thursday bus. Earl was only in my class on Thursday. Tom could have been with one of other trainers, but, he ended up in my training class. And, it was so perfect that Tom's chair was really close to Earl's chair. Had Tom sat on the other side of the room, they would have never met. Oh, one more thing. I wasn't even suppose to be there. The original trainer had a family emergency and couldn't go. Meaning. What are the chances the original trainer would have asked the group what was frustrating? But, here's the weirdest part. Earl and Tom discovered they're related. Can you believe that? Blood relatives. Think of the randomness of all that. Why are you hearing this story? Because. It's worth mentioning, again, that the universe struggles to help you find your way to your destiny. If you constantly focus on how frustrated you are, you only see your frustration. So. Keep your mind and heart open for what the universe wants you to see. Remember. You are meant to be happy. So, focus on what you want, not what you don't want. Life Is Fabulous!