The bars are getting low.

Me and two friends pile into my car. Our destination? The most fantastic, huge, outdoor food festival. While driving to the event, my friend in the backseat, tells us about a hot guy she met at the bar the night before. We were excited about her news. We know she'd love to meet someone special and be in a relationship. Wanting to hear more, we ask her a question. No answer. We ask her another question. Again. Dead silence. Well, this is driving me nuts. We look back. And there she is -- texting. And, who is she texting? Him. The same guy -- who the evening before -- told her he didn't want to be in a relationship. So. Kid you not, the texting went on during our whole outing. But get this. It's a beautiful summer day. She looks great. There are a ton of guys everywhere. But, unfortunately, she didn't see any of that. She just kept checking her phone. And, thinking. W4U. Life Is Fabulous!