Can't believe they showed up.

What sits just : beneath : your : surface? Not what's on top. Deeper. In other words, if you took your finger nail -- and slightly scratched the surface -- what's there? To explain this, take for instance, you go to a friend's party. You feel sexy, happy, and ready to have fun. Your ex walks in -- with a new lover. What do you feel now? Jealous? Angry? Unattractive? See. It's that one layer down -- that surfaces -- when you're stressed. A way to work this out (if this sounds like you) is to, 1) look at -- what sits beneath. It's those negative, uncontrollable emotions that cause you stress. Then, 2) develop a strong sense of self. You do that by creating positive emotions. Learn to feel good about who you are. Trust me, when you go to your next party -- and run into your ex -- you won't even notice. You'll be too busy getting your sexy on. Life Is Fabulous!