Going up?

Checked into this really nice Philly hotel last Thursday (on a speaking tour). The front desk gal gave me my room key, and directed me to the elevator. When the elevator doors opened, four people were waiting to go up. Got in. They pushed the 8th floor button for me. When the elevator stopped on the the 7th floor, one of the men (a handsome business man) stepped off the elevator. Just before the doors closed, he reached back -- held the elevator door open -- and said, "Wait, I forgot something." He stepped back -- into -- the elevator, and headed straight for me. Then. He kissed me. Kid you not. Smack. Dab. Right on my lips! After he kissed me, he just walked out of the elevator. The doors closed behind him. And, there we were. Our little elevator group. Going up -- in dead silence. Thank, God, the 8th floor came so quickly. Life Is Fabulous!