Feeling a bit dizzy.

You're walking in a field. You come upon a fence. You stop. You walk -- back -- into the field. As you're walking, you hate yourself for letting that fence stop you from leaving the field. Now, all you're thinking is how stupid you are for being unable to get over the fence. This is what a self-limiting belief is like. Have you experienced this? If you have, it's time to recognize hidden beliefs, and how they have the power to keep you stuck. What can you do to remedy this? Well. For starters, shine a light on it (the self-limiting belief). Acknowledge it. Accept it, as part of who you are. Then make a decision. Instead of circling the field, walk straight to the blockade. Go over it. And when you do, just know that you will have any number of emotions. Emotions -- that want to convince you to climb down off the fence -- and return to where you were. To return to what feels familiar (even if it's unhealthy). You see. The real truth is simply undeniable. Self-acceptance -- is -- the path to change. Acceptance of all of you. Even the part that can keep you circling in the field. Life Is Fabulous!