You did that wrong.

Do you have an out-and-out fear of messing up? If you do, chances are good you are a perfectionist. And. The drive for perfectionism can wreak havoc with your life growth. So. What can you do about it? First, figure out where it came from. My guess is that it came from when you were growing up. Parents want their kids to be careful, stop and think, and do things 'right'. Second, really look at how you perceive a mistake. Do you feel the worst can happen? Look at your past when you felt this way and remember nothing catastrophic ever really happened. Third, decide to neutralize your fear by seeing the mistake as an important step to your growth. And, if you need a little nudge to lose your fear of messing up, remember this. If you think life is hard, try living it as a perfectionist. Life Is Fabulous!