Set your heart in motion.

Are you where you want to be? If your answer is no, you are not alone. Feeling mismatched with people, places, and things happens to all of us. No, really. Lots of people feel this way. Why? Because mismatching happens so darn fast. It happens the moment you make a choice. For example. Doing data entry instead of doing what you love -- interior design. Once you make your choice, you must pump out effort (and energy) to set everything in motion. Once in motion, it gets more -- and more -- difficult to stop. The beauty of life -- though -- is that you have the power to stop the motion. How? Slow down the energy input on what you don't want. Increase the energy input on what you do want. So. If it's interior design you want, do your day job. Then, commit to spending every precious moment -- away from work -- focused on becoming an interior designer. Why not try it? Doing mismatched stuff -- takes just as much energy -- as doing what you love. Bottom line: Go design. Life Is Fabulous!