Let's get naughty.

You know what being naughty means, right? It means, you indulge in every no-no goodie on the face of the planet. You buy glazed donut holes. Cheetos. Reese's peanut butter cups. Of course, you need a drink. It's either Jim Beam or Pepsi. Pepsi wins. Now you're thinking, "Can't eat all these treats and work." So. You head out for a car ride. Two hours later you return home. Full. Tired. Almost disoriented. Are you happy you got naughty? Did you do the right thing? Well. Only you can make that call. For me, being naughty has to be in the life mix. And, how it works for me is this. Feeling guilty is not allowed. And, feeling weak (or out of control) is not allowed, either. See. Nothing makes life sweeter -- than knowing that tomorrow -- might be a good day, to be naughty. Life Is Fabulous!