Absence of light.

Could you stand discovering a hidden part of you? When it showed itself, would you have the courage to embrace it? And, if you couldn't, would that make you weak? The answer is absolutely, positively not. Weakness has nothing to do with not wanting to see that part of you that is your shadow. C'mon. Think about it. It sits in a dark place. Unseen. Disassociated from anything positive in your life. But. Like a stone in your shoe, it's there. It hurts. Negatively affecting every relationship you have. Including the most important relationship. The one you have with yourself. For it is your sense of self that directs what you do, how you do it, and how much joy you gain from it. So. Know this. Your healthy, true self get expressed -- only to the degree -- that it is visible. And. What about the invisible? Unfortunately, what you can't see about yourself -- negatively affects -- everything you can see. But, of course. You don't know it -- cause you can't see it. Life Is Fabulous!