Unlike anything else.

What do you do that is uniquely you? It's not that no one in the whole wide world does what you do. They do. It's just that you do it your unique way. For example, a chef comes up with an unbelievably delicious taco recipe. Listen. Tacos have been around a long time (about the year 1519). But one chef made it her own. For many of us, our innate talent seems almost non-existent. But, know this. All that is special about you, is there. Within you. And lots of it. So. Commit to shedding the layers of false images you have of yourself. Welcome your true self back. Here is a warning, though. Expect stored guilt, shame, and fear to surface. This is because guilt, shame, and fear focuses you on your shortcomings. Not on your unique gifts. Life Is Fabulous!