Stack it up.

When you look around, are you pleased with what you see? Like it or not, your external environment matters. It has the power to energize or deplete your energy. This happens on a very subtle level, though. In fact, it's barely discernible. That's because most people get used to how their house/work looks. And, most people complain about a lack the time/energy/resources to change it. My recommendation? For starters, become aware of how your environment affects you. Here is an example from my life. This week, writing dominates. Papers are everywhere. Empty Starbuck cups sit on my black desk. There's even a salt shaker off to my right. But -- believe it or not -- those things speak to me. Then, when the writing project is complete, it all goes back to normal. Completely stripped of messiness. So. The truth is this. The very energy you need to live, grow, and love is found in the environment that best suits you. Life Is Fabulous!