Giving way.

Let me ask you something. What would you say is the one thing holding you back from your success? You know. What is the one thing you feel you need to make success happen? Think about it for a minute. Is it more time? What about more money? Maybe your one thing is someone who supports your efforts. Well, listen up. As hard as this is to hear, you've got to get over it. Work around this by adjusting the steps you're taking. In other words, if money is short right now, figure out what else you can do (toward your goal) until the money situation improves. And more time? Forget about it. Stop worrying about time. Start prioritizing what's important to you. Example? If you want to succeed at losing weight, make time to walk. Even if it's only 10 minutes. Get walking. This formula works. And here's why. It works because for every step you take, you are experiencing immediate success. Bottom line: Don't ever allow that one thing to stop you from succeeding. Life Is Fabulous!