A tremendous explosion.

When was the last time shock waves traveled through your body? Shock waves represent intense feelings. My shock waves come two ways. One: Complete and utter calm. Two: Overwhelming sadness. Of course, for me, most of my day is spent in the middle zone. But, when bliss does show up, my hear soars. When sadness shows up, it's different. My mental, emotional, and spiritual self is alerted. It waits for it to pass with a kind of  loving patience. Then, it passes. But, here is the best thing about shock waves. They represent change. See. The middle zone represents the unchanged. The middle zone lacks zest. Like the desert. Dry. Flat. And, being there isn't bad, necessarily. In fact, it's important to be there -- lots. You've got important work to get done. But staying in the middle zone means you're not growing. And without growth, you're just repeating what you already know. So. How can you create shock waves? Stir things up. Get things moving. Push yourself beyond the lifeless desert. Life Is Fabulous!