Get me a napkin.

Craving sugar isn't always about sugar. Caffeine isn't always about a boost. Lasagna isn't always about going Italian. Your body has cravings for reasons other than it's time to eat or drink. Consider this. The top three reasons for emotional eating are: (1) you have unmet needs, (2) you are bored, or (3) you are trying to distract yourself from something unpleasant. So. The next time you reach for a donut ask yourself, "Why do I want this donut?" If you feel driven to eat it -- even though you want to eat healthy -- chances are you are eating for emotional reasons. This is one of the best times not to eat that little round sugary cloud of joy. Abstain. Face what you don't want to face. And, when you do, it lessens its power. Believe me. The day will come when you eat a donut because you want to. Not because you need to. Life Is Fabulous!