A broken pencil.

It's lunch time. We just finished half of a training day. A young woman approaches me. Her hair is pitch black and her skin is very pale. She's thin. She asks, "Can you help me get rid of my pain? (What she said next is upsetting). I just lost my baby. She was stillborn." My heart crashes. My reaction is visceral. Nothing taught in my stupid seminar could possibly get rid of her pain. She doesn't move. She stares. She awaits my answer. "Pain can feel like the universe has grabbed you -- like you're a #2 pencil -- and snaps you in half. Then it throws one half of you to the right side of the room. The other half of you flies to the left side of the room. Now separated, you are a unit apart by yourself. This is an unbearably painful feeling. My only advice for you is that when your pain is too much, try to focus on love. Family love. God (or life source) love. Supportive love. All you can expect of yourself is to get through another day." She nodded slowly as if to say she felt some relief. Choking back tears. Silent. Then it occurred to me. One split second can change one's life forever. Life Is Fabulous!