Lunch is at noon.

While out on the road training this past week, it became apparent to me how so many men and women in the audience were hungry to learn. They listened, took notes, and asked questions. But more than that, they fully engaged in the experience. You could tell just by looking at them. They were serious. When this happens, everything inside of me gets ignited. Game on. The day takes on a new meaning. It is much more than just, "Hey, glad you took the day off to attend this event." Their intense desire to be better is what changes an event from mediocre to life changing. The training becomes hyper-focused. Raucous. Nothing is held back. They soak in every word. They can feel my love and adoration. And, it is in those moments, that my best is called up. Unleashed enthusiasm. Exhausting and exhilarating -- all at the same time. Life Is Fabulous!