Can you get some help here?

There are two kinds of supernatural moments. The first is, you have an experience, you walk away feeling different, you say, "Wow, that was a supernatural moment. I felt that and now I'm different (or better) because of it." The second is, you have an experience, you walk away feeling no different (or worse) and you say, "Wow, that was not supernatural at all!" Here is the deal with the supernatural. It is brilliant in that it presents you with various opportunities for growth -- difficult or magical -- to help move you closer to your destiny. And for most people, the feeling of immediate change -- for the better -- signifies that it was the supernatural at work. This is sometimes true, but not always. The problem with this type of reasoning is that you only acknowledge (or pursue) the supernatural moments you wish for (or desire). My phrase to explain this type of mindset is the 'Angel Help Buffet Style'. You know, pick out what you want and ignore the rest. The best approach to growth is: know your truth, be open, and connect to what you believe to be true for you. Life Is Fabulous!