What do you want most for your audience when they attend your event? Do you want them to be educated, motivated, or entertained? Keynote Speaker Sandra Smith does all three. She's the right speaker if you want your audience to laugh, learn, participate, and have a life-changing experience!



Watch Sandra as she presents her BEST Keynote to a sold-out crowd at a Leadership Conference. Such a powerful message! So much fun!



Have you ever wondered why some people achieve big goals, are constantly growing, and inspire those around them? Do you want to bring out the best in yourself? In others around you? If you answered yes, consider having Sandra present her BEST Keynote to your group. She created the BEST Model to teach you how to be your best, how to ignite success, and how to help others do the same. Even though her topic is complex, she makes it easy to understand and simple to apply. The concepts are solid and very well researched. You’ll get really focused on who you are rather than what you do, which can set you up for massive personal and professional success. Contact Sandra today or call 360.389.3370!



"Oh my gosh! This keynote was so eye opening! I had no idea where all my stress came from! I left that conference, hit the beach, and rewrote all my goals. I'm on the right path now."
—Chris P.